It takes a lot of different people to make really good chocolate: growers, farmers, producers, workers. We’ve always worked closely with our partners to make sure we make the best chocolate possible. And whenever we can, we use local suppliers, because we want as much ‘Canada’ inside our product as we can manage.


Gibbon’s Family Farm Maple Syrup
Gibbon’s Family Farm, located just west of Kingston, Ontario, makes maple syrup using time tested traditional methods, but with modern equipment. Bill Gibbons and his daughter Sarah Gibbons manage over 4,500 taps spread over 100 acres of maple bush. Each spring at the very end of the season, they make ‘Grade A Very Dark Strong Flavor’ maple syrup - which has an intense maple flavor - and we buy the whole batch. Their maple syrup is what makes our Maple Crunch taste so good.


We use only Ontario butter in our toffee and lots of it. Butter is at the heart of what we do. When you take a bite of our chocolate and you hear the crunch of our toffee, that’s the sound of Ontario butter - hard at work.